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The old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. The Connecticut Children’s Collective, powered by the CT After School Network understands this.

Our vision is that “Every child grows up safe, healthy, happy, educated, connected, and employable. Our mission is to “help people work together locally to improve the lives of children and families.” Currently we work together with forty-five communities from all over the state that work hand-in hand with families, schools, and community agencies to ensure that families and children get the services and programs they need to raise children that contribute to society in a positive way.

The ongoing pandemic has put a spotlight on the inequities that have become undeniably apparent in how we support and nurtures children and families in our country. With so many challenges facing families: job loss and insecurity, lack of childcare, a rise in domestic abuse, racial strife, and lack of basic human needs, the need is even greater to offer supports.

What has given us hope, though, is that more than ever our partners around the state have stepped up to the plate and repeatedly swung and hit homeruns on behalf of the families and children that they have been charged to serve.

Our partners have delivered computers, and other mobile devices to ensure that children can engage in virtual, long-distant learning…
They have delivered meals and food…
They have delivered books and other learning supplies…
They have provided resources to local, state, and national agencies designed to help families through the pandemic…
Our partners have continued with playgroups, story times, and other safe, fun activities that children and their caregivers can enjoyed…
They have provided professional development opportunities to local families, teachers, and early childhood professionals….
And they have offered a helping hand, support, and love to those who need it the most…
One of our partners raised $30,000 to help fill the food pantries in their local community!
Our partners are the true heroes.

These devoted and dedicated professionals are who we have the pleasure of working with and supporting every day. As the state’s intermediary organization between our State Department of Education and the State Office of Early Childhood to our local partners, we are honored to be working side-by-side with so many who continue to provide hope to those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

The Connecticut Children’s Collective is a network of local partnerships creating positive outcomes for Connecticut’s children and families. We believe that when everyone is swimming in the right direction great things can be accomplished.

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